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Cultural Framework Strategy

Preston - A Cultural City

Preston is a vibrant city, which celebrates its diversity and its longstanding cultural traditions.

It is a city that is not afraid to avoid conformity, and which persistently tests and innovates. From some of the oldest Caribbean Carnival and South Asian Mela events in the UK, to its gathering of over 30,000 people each Easter to roll their eggs down a hill, to the much-lauded Preston Model and its leading role in the industrial revolution, the city has pioneered and supported a different view of culture and regeneration and is a place of genuine innovation.

You can download a full printable copy of the Something's Brewing - Preston's 12 Year Cultural Strategy (PDF) [2MB] here.

Context and Journey of the Strategy

The context and the journey to the strategy.

Priorities for Preston

Preston's four priorities, identified across the consensus workshops, the Blaze report and the Brewtime mapping report.


Preston needs a cultural sector; which understands the ecological restrictions of working in a sustainable way and addresses the needs of our shared response to the climate emergency.


In both digital and physical terms Preston's cultural sector needs places to connect, to meet, to share, to collaborate and to promote its innovative, diverse and ambitious creative practice.


This priority will grow partnerships and develop work with local communities in the everyday, not only in one-off annual events, intersecting alongside health partners, the voluntary sector, businesses, education and other sectors.


We will become a city of inspiring firsts. We want our city's ethos of ambition to permeate the culture and creativity in ALL aspects of the city.

Appendix A

A list of attendees and participants for the consensus workshops, each having a role or providing input for the development of the cultural framework strategy and it's priorities. Also about Something's Brewing.

Preston's 12 Year Cultural Strategy - Short Version

A shortened version of Preston's 12 Year Cultural Strategy.