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Open Bid Call for Lancashire 2025

Open Bid Call - Lancashire 2025 - Preston

Lancashire 2025

Lancashire 2025 has launched its Bid Programme Call seeking new ideas for physical locations in Lancashire that include a digital element.

The call is open to anyone from anywhere in Lancashire, the UK, or the rest of the world.

We want proposals for high-profile events, creative projects, and cultural experiences that reimagine the way we live based on our four topics of cultural regeneration; living, connection, nature, and digital.

UK City of Culture, in the Virtual city of Lancashire

Lancashire 2025 wants to build a groundbreaking, high-quality cultural programme to stage the UK City of Culture, in the Virtual city of Lancashire - a cultural city of 'creative' citizens at a county scale, joining the geographical area and the digital spaces - and we want to hear from anyone who has an idea for the bid.

Successful applicants

Successful applicants will be included as part of the indicative programme in the Lancashire 2025 Bid for UK City of Culture and, if Lancashire is chosen to be the UK City of Culture for 2025, will:

  • be awarded up to £25,000 grant money to research and develop their proposal
  • receive support from to realise their idea
  • be offered ongoing advice.

The deadline for applications was Tuesday 31 August 2021 and is now closed.

Further Information visit Lancashire 2025 UK City of Culture Bid website