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Mullender-Ross - Perches

About the artists

Heather Ross (b1983) lives and works in Preston, Lancashire.

She is currently undertaking a practice-based PhD at Newcastle University. Her current research is concerned with generating new sensorial insights into the work of German artist, Kurt Schwitters, with specific focus on his final artwork, The Merz Barn (1947-48) made in the Lake District, England and situated in the Hatton Gallery, Newcastle since 1965.

She also teaches part time at The University of Central Lancashire as a Lecturer in MA and BA Fine Art and is a member of The Birley Artist Studios, Preston.

Recent solo exhibitions have included:

  • The Losses 2020
  • Hatton Gallery
  • All The Better To Hear You With 2019
  • Hatton Gallery
  • The Loud and the Soft Speakers 2018
  • Hatton Gallery and Patterns of Consumption 2018
  • Long Gallery
  • Newcastle University.

Recent group shows have included:

  • Merz Women and the Daughters of Dada 2018 University of Cumbria;
  • The State of Print 2019 (Touring) DCA, Dundee/Spike Island, Bristol.

Recent publications

  • Towards An Archaeology of Gesture in Kurt Schwitters' 'Pointless' Collage (or how I 'learned' about Schwitters' work through painting leftovers)
  • JAWS Intellect Journal, London.

Rob Mullender-Ross

Rob Mullender-Ross is an artist, researcher and educator based in Preston.

He is interested in sound in all of its manifestations - how they can be produced, how they can be heard, how they can be thought about, and what this means sensorially, emotionally and socially.

He works with sculpture, recording, performance, moving image and 2D works.

Rob Mullender-Ross - Perches

Rob Mullender-Ross ยท Perches