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Consensus Workshop - #1 Notes

What do we want Preston's creative and cultural life to be like in 2032?

Date: 23 September 2019, download a copy of the consensus workshop notes (PDF) [532KB] or view the notes below.

Every decision is made with genuine care to save our world

  • Transport
  • Energy
  • Sustainability
  • Environmental
  • Sustainable
  • Global warming

We want Preston's cultural scene to be connected, with a clear voice that reaches out beyond Preston

  • Connected within and without
  • Marketing
  • Communication
  • Joined-up
  • Networked
  • Clear voice
  • Regular calendar of events
    • Guild (20 yrs)
    • Decade (10 yrs)
    • 5 years
    • Annual
  • Well understood and communicated

We want Preston's cultural scene to attract investment from a wide range of government, promoters and sponsors -to make it self sustaining - thriving

  • An abundance of well-paid work for Preston artists
  • Political leaders carry clout with major funders
  • Artistic community - career paths for locals
  • Highest % of retained creative graduates and talent in the UK
  • Wealth creation - attractive venues - funding from A/C - promoters / sponsors - external and internal events

In 2032, our city will support ambition. We nurture artists from young to old, organisations from small to large, to flourish and create, innovate, risk taking, edgy, subversive work and become a city of inspiring firsts

  • Space for smaller organisations, artists to flourish
  • Edgy, exciting, inspiring Experimentation welcome
  • Embracing opportunities for older and younger artists
  • We nurture the independent and subversive
  • City of firsts
  • Innovative
  • 'Risky'
  • We produce ambitious and boundary-less work

Preston is the centre of a creative Magnetic North

  • A sustainable, managed programme of culture, accessible and diverse
  • A proud, connected, generous city-magnet
  • Equitable platforms for local and international arts
  • Loads of arts and performance festivals
  • Sticky place with a magnetic pull
  • Encounters is an international multicultural arts festival attracting an extra 100,000 visitors
  • City is ambitious cultural hub and beacon

Young people are integral in shaping Preston's creative and cultural life

  • Highest number of schools with Gold Arts mark in UK
  • Young people as leaders, producers and ambassadors
  • Blaze Academy dedicated to cultivating next generation of diverse cultural leaders
  • Next generation are an integral involvement

We want multi-purpose arts centre hub

  • Linear Park Project created for secure accommodation and workspace
  • Spaces to make, produce and present
  • The largest and longest co-working space and fablab in Preston train station - focus on sustainability
  • Reorganise and rebuild infrastructure to support artists
  • Shared resources
  • Venues, spaces - performance - learning - social Heritage building, re-use

We want our city's ethos of ambition to permeate the culture and creativity in all aspects of the city

  • Innovative and pioneering like our ancestors
  • Culture is part of all aspects of the city
  • Unique to Preston is its history and its future
  • Celebrating past, present and future cultural values

We expect Preston's cultural and creative life to be relevant to and support the well-being of all its people

  • Art is pervasive and permeates everyday life
  • Use cultural scene to bring together:
    • ages
    • ethnics
    • abilities

We want a broad cultural offer that is relevant and speak to all

  • Inclusivity leading to diversity
  • Equality of offer:
    • all inputs equally valid
    • wide communication
    • value local artists (as well!)
  • Diversity
  • Cultural life is owned by all
  • Accessibility to all (venues, communities)